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  • PRESENTATION: 5 vial x 10 ml Box
  • ACTIVE NUTRIENTS: D-panthenol, organic silicon, rutin, hyaluronic acid, X-DNA, zinc, sulfur, chromium and cobalt
  • INDICATIONS: Androgenic alopecia, telogen alopecia (seasonal), alopecia aerata, diffuse alopecia. People with nutritional and endocrinal disorders which deteriorate the hair and as a help in the case of androgenic, androgenetic and hereditary alopecia.  The third component of a 3-phase treatment regimen
  • TYPE: Without Side Effects
  • It is a universal supplier of the basic structural elements of the skin and hair follicles, increases the number of specific fibroblasts, micro vessels and speeds up metabolism, eliminates stagnant puffiness. As a result, it slows down the loss, stimulates hair growth, improves the structure of the hair shaft and scalp. Normalizes sebum production and epithelial formation, has anti-inflammatory effect.


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