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  • PRESENTATION: 5 vials x 5 ml Box
  • ACTIVE NUTRIENTS: Hyaluronic acid 1%, Collagen 2%, DMAE 5%, Argilerine, Leuphasil, Vitamin B1, B6, Si, Mannitol
  • INDICATIONS: lifting biorevitalization with gravitational ptosis of tissues, age folds and wrinkles, lethargy and dryness, also after insolation (sunburn), depression of the dermis after acute and chronic internal diseases, surgeries, stresses.
  • TYPE: hypersensitivity to the cocktail ingredients.
  • Tightening derma sublimation (total lifting effect), bio-revitalization, increase in derma volume (collagen reinforcement with peptides), whitening (correction of photodamages), hydration, antitoxic, strengthening of local immunity, relaxation of mimic muscles

literally: return of life) - a concept used in scientific and practical activities (medicine...


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