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The active peptides are actively rejuvenating the skin.

The aging process of the skin is dynamic, wrinkling and pigmentary changes are considered the most salient cutaneous manifestations.

This is the result of structural changes at the molecular level, connected with a loss of collagen and elastic fibers.

With age, structural collagens in the skin are reduced. There is a decrease in collagen synthesis. That is, the reparative mechanisms of proteoglycans, characterized by disordered molecular structure of collagen and elastin, are sharply limited. This leads to a deterioration of the elasticity and loss of turgor.

Fibroblast provides the process of renewal of the dermis. With skin ageing, the restriction of the proliferative capacity of dermal fibroblasts indicates a violation of their functional properties: reduction and inhibition of production of protein complexes of dermal fibers, synthesis of numerous growth factors, which leads to a violation of the regeneration of the dermis and the formation of wrinkles.

Skin aging is associated with proteolytic degradation of elastic fibers. In fading skin, elastin loses its functional characteristics. Modern concepts for the correction of age-related skin changes are based on products that stimulate the elastin production.

Veluderm has  ACTIVEPEPTIDE + HA cocktail , which includes many peptides , amino acids and nucleosides , which stimulate the vital functions of fibroblasts and other skin organs.

Active nucleosides in the cell nucleus initiate proliferation and cell reproduction, then active amino acids and active peptides initiate differentiation, the transformation of fibroblasts into other cells: endothelium and vascular epithelium (vascularization), myocytes, basophils, etc. However, active peptides control the performance of certain functions and the correctness of development.

Interacting with mature cells, active peptides and active amino acids stimulate the proper functioning of receptors, regulate metabolism, increase the phase of active work, including the production of proteoglycans and glycoproteins, that is, collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and endogenous enzymes.

Active peptides increase the activity of intracellular systems. They provide the optimal ratio of cells at different stages of their life cycle, that is, dividing, ripening, actively functioning and dying off.

At the same time, trophicity of tissues is improved: blood circulation, lymph, etc., providing an improvement in metabolism.

Activation of the functionality of fibroblasts leads to a slower aging of tissues and the launch of regeneration processes.

This blocks the production of pigment, which reduces the severity of age pigmentation, age spots and other forms of hyperpigmentation. The activity of the sebaceous glands decreases, acne is eliminated, and oily shine disappears.

As a result, the rejuvenation effect occurs when many aesthetic problems disappear.

 ACTIVEPEPTIDE + HAstrengthens and moisturizes the skin. The action of active peptides leads to an increase in their tone. There is an improvement in the immunity and protective functions of the skin to the effects of external factors, such as mechanical action, biological (bacterial), UV radiation, cold or thermal exposure. 

The product is perfect for virtual mesotherapy of the periorbital area, chin, nasolabial fold, upper lip, etc.

Try our beautiful products and see how they work!

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This article has used materials from VELUDERM®, Internet sources, VPO KSMU (Krasnoyarsk)

Authors: T.G.Ruksha, M.B. Aksenenko, G.M. Klimina, L.V. Novikova ; Clinics " Monte - Clinic " and other sources .

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